Greetings to you;

Some of our greatest joys have come about through a combining of our passions and sharing that adventure with others.... and so the birth of Whitewater Music and Adventure.

This is a little overview of what our packages can offer.

From 1 to a group of 10, teaching basic kayak skills and then paddling to a forest or beach location where we enter the world of hand drums.

In that setting, using the African djembe and other small percussion, we will learn to play some fun beats or ...if all are players... just go for it.

Hearing an instrument that was originally meant and designed for that outdoor space, opens up a whole new experience for the people who participate.

We can get to a number of locations within an hour of Toronto.

Water depth in the rivers (based on recent rain activity) and previous experience, will determine which locations are chosen, but all are scenic and beautiful with close proximity to excellent baking and home cooking a priority.

Let me know any thoughts or questions you may have. We can customize any of these packages. We also offer private in home instruction on all drums and percussion. Have a great week, be well, and hope to see you soon.

"Remember, desire drives the motivation to live life.....share yours with us and we guarantee an experience of tangible joy!"

The Team

p.s. if you notice any rain coming down....the river swells and the kayak's are happy! ...Yipee!

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7 Packages to Choose From

Package #1 Kayak Djembe Bike Hike Eat Music

For the best full day outing ever... with loads of good memory's packed in. (9:00a.m to 9:00pm)
Driving in your own vehicles, we would meet at the Thornbury Bakery (just outside of Collingwood), every one responsible for their own lunch and river snacks, drinks etc.

We then drive to the start point. The setting is all natural. A beautifully clean river winding through forests, skirting green pastures, with bird life ever present in the many nookery's along our water route.

After exiting the kayak and with a short drive, we arrive at our forest/cave walk. As an alternative to driving, this segment can be replaced with forest trail mountain biking. (bring your own bike)

Drumming can be done on the river or as part of the walk, depending on time, weather, and desire.

We will then head towards our supper location. A marvelous French Bistro, again every one responsible for their selections. Full meals will range from $25 to $45, worth every savoury penny. Accommodation and camping is available for those wishing to stay over.

As your guide, my total fee for the day is $300. (up to ten people) Kayak cost is $40.00, plus tax per person, which includes all necessary equipment and the shuttle to the river put in point.

You will experience a beauty exclusive to that area, new flavours for the pallet, and most important, I will make sure all remain safe and that a good time is had by everyone!

Package #2 Kayak Djembe Hike

For KAYAKING and HAND DRUMMING and HIKE (5 hours) kayak cost remains $40 plus tax, my fee is $250.00. For each additional person add $20.00.

Package #3 Kayak Djembe Bike

For KAYAKING and HAND DRUMMING and BIKING, (4 to 5 hours) kayak cost remains $40 plus tax, my fee is $200. For each additional person add $20.00

Package #4 Kayak Djembe

For KAYAKING and HAND DRUMMING, (4 hours) kayak cost remains $40 plus tax, my fee is $200.00. For each additional person add $20.00

Package #5 Kayak Bike

For KAYAKING and BIKING (3 to 4 hours) (Bring Your Own Bike) kayak cost remains $40 plus tax, my fee is $150.00. For each additional person add $20.00.

Package #6 Kayak

If you want to keep it more local and KAYAK only (4 hours) kayak cost remains $40 plus tax, the fee for my services is $100.00. For 2 or more, add $20.00/person.

Package #7 Snowshoes

For the winter enthusiast we offer SNOWSHOEING, (1.5 to 2 hours) Spectacular winter settings, snow shoes, poles and a real nice fire at the end of our outing is provided for $30 plus tax per person.

We can customize packages and we offer personal instruction on all of the above components.

Things you should bring

Registration Form can be printed out, filled in and brought with you or completed at site.

You can pay with credit card by phone or internet deposit through your bank.

A 50% deposit is required for all packages at time of booking with balance payable at the meeting point on our day of adventure.

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